Raped in pleasure by his son's teacher

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Mafuyu Akatsuki was punished by his son's teacher: Mafuyu Akatsuki's husband's stepson was punished by his homeroom teacher and wanted to call his younger brother up so they could talk. When Mafuyu Akatsuki arrived, this perverted teacher madly rushed at Mafuyu Akatsuki to rape him, and if he didn't want his son to fail the class, he would lie still. Because he loved his child so much, Mafuyu Akatsuki seemed to lie still and let this teacher do whatever he wanted. That day Mafuyu Akatsuki was fucked to pieces and many days later Mafuyu Akatsuki was also brutally tortured. How does this story unfold? We invite fellow homosexuals to watch.

Raped in pleasure by his son's teacher
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 Actor: Mafuyu Akatsuki